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How to register an Aadhar Card?

Aadhaar card is a System introduced by the government of India to recognize the citizen of the country through a Unique Number (UID). As per the need of the hour, it is mandid for everyone to Register an Aadhar card as this will be the only guiding medium for all the services rendered in our

How to check your Aadhar UID Card Enrollment Status Online?

Checking your Aadhar UID Card Enrollment Status  Aadhaar now becoming the only medium for recognition of identity of an Individual in our country it is now necessary to know our UID Status as our aadhaar card might not have arrived to us. To Check the AADHAAR UID Status you may follow the steps mentioned Below: You can check

Check Aadhaar Card Status through SMS

How to Check the Aadhaar Card status through Mobile Mobile phone is available with everyone nowdays. So even if we can’t check the Aadhar card status Online, we can check it on our mobile phone through SMS. All we have to do is send an SMS from our phone, asking about the status of our