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Check Aadhaar Card Status Online |

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To Check Aadhar Card Status Online

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Unique Identification Number or UID is controlled by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), We can easily check the status of our Aadhar Card by providing the Enrollment Number, Date and Time provided at the time of enrollment in Aadhar Card Scheme.

The Aadhaar project, an attempt towards having a single, unique identification document or number that would capture all the details, including demographic and biometric information, of every resident Indian individual but first of all we need to know WHAT Aadhaar number Is?


What is Aadhar?

Aadhar Number is a 12 digit identification number, issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to all the residents of India for the purpose of Unique Identification for Individuals.

The number is stored in a centralized database of the Government and linked to the basic demographics and biometric information photograph, fingerprints and iris of each resident.

It will be a unique number for each individual and will have its own importance in all the Governmental Work in India.

Adhaar will be simply verifiable in an online, cost-effective way exclusive and strong enough to get rid of the large number of replica and counterfeit identities in government and private databases. This is a arbitrary figure generated, devoid of any categorization based on social order, belief, religious conviction and topography.

AADHAAR card is trouble-free to obtain but is no more a compulsory card that is mandatory for any sort of services.

Yet it is now used for purpose of identification for many things which will help us to get a trouble-free facilitation of our day to day tribulations. Making an aadhaar card is easy but numerous of times it happens that we miss out our aadhar card and we need to find the status of our aadhar card. By visiting the link below and providing specific details as asked could help to find the Status of your aadhaar card.


Purpose of Aadhaar Card:-

The Aadhaar card / UID will not replace these identification documents but can be used as the sole identification proof when applying for other things. It will also serve as the basis for Know Your Customer (KYC) norms used by banks, financial institutions, telecom firms and other businesses that maintain customer profiles. Aadhaar numbers will eventually serve as the basis for a database with which disadvantaged Indian residents can access services that have been denied to them due to lack of identification documents.


How To Get Aadhar:

A resident Indian can apply for the Aadhaar number and card by submitting the existing proof of identity (Passport, PAN card, Driving License, etc.) and proof of address (Phone/ Power Bill, Bank Statements, etc.) and by undergoing biometric profiling (fingerprints and iris scan) at any Aadhaar center.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status

Unique Identification Number or UID is controlled by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), We can easily check the status of our Aadhar Card by providing the Enrollment Number, Date and Time provided at the time of enrollment in Aadhar Card Scheme also you can visit the link below.

To Check Your Aadhaar Enrollment Status visit this link:

Feel free to post below about the Aadhar Card Enrollment problems, we will love to hear from you and assist you out to find the best of the results.

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AADHAAR Seeding Application |

aadhar card logo | Remote Aadhaar Seeding Framework

 Now you can Link your AADHAR number with your Personal Identification Documents

Application for AADHAAR Seeding:

To Link your Unique 12 digit AADHAAR number with your Personal Identification Documents or Benefit Cards the Government of India has provided a service through internet.

Personal identification Document or Benefit Cards such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Pension ID
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • LPG Consumer ID
  • Other such similar identity documents with residents of India.

The 4-step Process to link your AADHAAR Number :

1) Enter your Location Detail:
Location details – State and District Name

2) Kindly Enter your 12-digit AADHAAR number, & Contact Details
Contact Detail – Mobile number and strongail

3) Now Select the Benefit type & details 
Select the Benefit type & details You want to link with your AADHAAR No. Click Next.

Benefit type such as Pension, or Scholarship or LPG connection etc.

4) Enter the OTP (One Time Password)
Enter the OTP (One Time Password) No, sent to your mobile, and the Security code displayed. Click Submit.

Your Request is registered. The concerned authority will verify and confirm back to you.

Click Here to Start Now 

SMS Based Seeding Service:

You can also link your AADHAAR number by sending SMS to 51969.

Send SMS to 51969 to submit Seeding Requests:

SMS Format:
For all schemes other than LPG
UID SEED <State Short Code> <Scheme/Program Short Code> <Scheme/Program ID> <Aadhaar No>

For Example: UID SEED JH POSC 1234567 131313131313

Note :
Kindly Check the network charges with your service provider.

For all schemes other than LPG :
State Short Code:
Please use appropriate state short code

Scheme/Program Short Code:
Below table has list of currently available Scheme/Program name and its Short Code.

Scheme/Program ID:
Every Scheme/Program will have unique Scheme/Program ID to identify beneficiary. For example for SCBW scheme every child will have a unique roll number/registration number.

Aadhaar No:
Valid twelve digit Aadhaar Number.

Click Here to Apply for Aadhar Seeding Application

Click Here to Know Important RASF Codes

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Lost AADHAR Card | Apply for Duplicate AADHAR Card

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Lost Your Aadhaar Card?  Misplaced Aadhar Card ?

Dont Worry !! 

Don’t freeze, if you have lost/misplaced your AADHAAR card. On the off chance that you have the AADHAAR number and/or AADHAAR card acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of enlistment, you can download copy AADHAAR card duplicate on the web. The copy AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one.

To download copy AADHAAR card duplicate on the web, click here: Download copy AADHAAR card duplicate online. On the off chance that you DO NOT know your aadhaar number and DO NOT have the acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of enrollment, take after the guidelines beneath to TRY and get copy AADHAAR card.

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If  you have lost your AADHAR card Enrolment ID and don’t know your aadhar number, you can get the AADHAR card by emulating these steps beneath:

  1. Go to
  2. Select appropriate option, “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)“, under “You want to receive your lost:
  3. Enter your Full Name
  4. Enter your Email Address
  5. Enter your registered Mobile Number
  6. Enter the security code as displayed and click on “Get OTP” button
  7. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  8. In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your mobile and/or email address
  9. Click on “Verify OTP
  10. Now you will receive a message on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id as you selected in Step 2 above
  11. Now go to
  12. Select appropriate option, “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar”, under “I have:”
  13. Enter your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and mobile number
  14. Click on “Get OTP
  15. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  16. Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the “Enter OTP” box and click on “Validate and Download
  17. Now you have downloaded your e-Aadhar card. Enter your Pin Code as the password when you open the PDF document
  18. You now have your e-AADHAR card, which you can print out

Contact UIDAI through toll free number and attempt and figure out your AADHAAR card data by giving them your demographic data, for example, your name, location, date of birth, telephone no., and so forth. To get UIDAI contact details, click here: AADHAAR Card Contact Number, Email and Address.

Call the toll free number and converse with the UIDAI delegate about your lost card. They will support you with sending a duplicate AADHAAR card at your enrolled postal location, to your enlisted email id furthermore can SMS you the AADHAAR number points of interest to your enlisted telephone number.

In the event that you are not able to contact UIDAI via telephone/ email, you might likewise contact your adjacent AADHAAR card provincial office with respect to your lost card. Bring all the reports you had submitted initially to the workplace.

In the event that nothing from what was just mentioned help, contact your adjacent AADHAAR card focus with respect to your lost card. Bring all the records you had submitted initially to the inside.

However in the event that you have lost your AADHAAR card enlistment slip, getting copy AADHAAR card may be a bit troublesome, as there is no online framework set up right now to get copy AADHAAR card without AADHAAR card enlistment slip.

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Aadhar Card for NRI

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How to get Aadhar Card for NRI

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The Central Government announced that the NRI (non resident Indians) will also be issued Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card was earlier known as Unique Identification card or UID. Unique identification project was initially conceived by the Planning Commission as an initiative that would provide identification for each resident across the country and would be used primarily as the basis for efficient delivery of welfare services. This card is being put forth as a national identity and will carry a unique sixteen digit number affiliated to each individual. The provision of Aadhar card was only for the Indian residents. But now, keeping in view the connection of NRI with the country, the government has added a special provision of issuing this card to the non resident Indians as well.

The specialty of an Aadhar card is that the number given is connected to the centralized data base. This data base includes biometric, demographic and other relevant information, which is necessary for identifying a person. The information about Non resident Indians will make database of unique identification authority of India more accurate and rich. The Aadhaar card project is making huge progress in India and with new scheme coming it will be famous all around the world. The government efford for the Indian citizens are paying off.



The  process and requirements for the aadhaar card for NRI is similar to the Indian citizens. The Steps for registrations of Aadhar card for NRI are following:

  • Verification of documents:  The first you will require all your documents that are to be submitted (photocopy of document) for establishing your identity as an NRI. All the documents will going to be check by the officials Along with documents such as birth certificate, school certificate and photo identity card, an NRI will also have to produce his connection with America or other country of which he is holding the Green card. Other documents related to his stay and service in the foreign land can also be expected to be produced in case of query. These documents are mandatory for all the candidants.
  •  Finger tip biometric scanning: The officials will perform biometric scanning of all the ten fingers which would be considered important for establishing perfect identity. Biometric scan will make your identification more accurate and unique. For this, the person will have to come down to the Aadhar card enrolment center personally. The candidants can come to any enrolment certer across India for the biometric scan.  This data will be stored in the government database of the citizen.
  • Biometric scanning of Iris:   Apart from finger tips, your Iris will be scanned for further making a perfect identity. The biometeric iris sanning will also take place in the aadhaar enrolment center along with the finger. These scans will make our identity unique in the huge population of India.
  • Photograph: Lastly your photograph will be taken by the web-cam and added to the overall Aadhar card documents. With this your official documents will be completed and you will be for the Aadhaar card at the unique identification authority of India.


Your aadhaar card will depart from the office within three months. You can check your aadhaar card status online here and you can also download your aadhaar card online here. The aadhaar card of non resident Indians wil also take same amount of time as the resident Indians aadhaar card.

for more detail visit :


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Know who needs to re-enroll for Aadhaar ?

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The public who didn’t receive their Aadhaar Number form the Unique Identification Authority of India after enrollment then there might be requirement for re-enroll for Aadhaar Number. The Unique Identification Authority of India is facing difficulty due to the data of lot of people who enrolled for Aadhaar in the first phase has either gone missing or is no more in condition for use due to some encryption errors.

The Delhi government was informed by The Unique Identification Authority of India that re-enroll is require for the person whose Aadhaar Number can’t be processed due to some reason on Monday again in order to get a unique 12-digit ID number for them. However, Re-Enrol is not required for all the public like those who have given their biometric details to the National Population Register (NPR) will not be required to enrol again for Aadhaar.

Click here to check your Aadhaar Status or goto

Who has to enroll again?

The Authorised condition for re-enroll is listed by the Unique Identification Authority of India. The Public fulfilling this condition may apply for the re-enroll for their Aadhaar Card Number:

  • If the status on E-Aadhaar website is showing “rejected“.

  • If the status shows “not found”.

  • If the enrolment has been done before 1st April 2012 and the status shows “can’t be processed due to technical reasons”.

The Aadhaar Card is authorised by the Government of India. The state government has also made Aadhar card compulsory for accessing more than 20 services including property and marriage registration. Aadhaar Card have many uses like Identification, proof, ticket booking and Gas connection etc. According to the Resent stats, out of 1.78 crore people in Delhi 1.42 crore have already enrolled for Aadhaar. So to Re-Enroll is require for the remaining public to receive their Aadhaar Card. There is no authorised list of public for re-enrol is passed by the Unique Identification Authority of India.

If you fall in any of the above mentioned categories then please hurry up to enroll once again for Aadhaar before it’s too late and you are denied of any service.

For more detail visit :

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Relationship proof for Aadhaar Card

When an individual don’t have proof like Address Proof or Nationality Proof etc. then the individual can use Relationship proof. Relationship Proof is a proof to prove relation between two people. Relationship proof along with proof of other person could be serve as a proof of the individual.

Relationship proof is helping Unique Identification Authority of India to make new proof for the individual. Aadhaar Card is a unique Identification scheme by The India Government to provide of Combine proof of Identity, Address and birth. The Relationship proof is used for the replacement the missing proofs.

The Aadhaar Card application require one photocopy of these document to submit for the Aadhaar Card at Aadhaar centre. The list of supported Proof of Relationship Documents containing Names of people and relation between them for aadhaar card:

  1. PDS Card

  2. MNREGA Job Card

  3. CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC Medical card

  4. Pension Card

  5. Army Canteen Card

  6. Passport

  7. Birth Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth, Municipal Corporation and other notified local
    government bodies like Taluk, Tehsil etc.

  8. Any other Central/State government issued family entitlement document.


For detail visit


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Date of Birth proof for Aadhaar Card

Date of Birth Proof determine the Age of the individual resident of India. Unique Identification Authority of India combine Date of Birth proof in Aadhar Card, a unique Identification scheme by The India Government, to provide different benefits of different age groups. Aadhaar Card is an Idea of Combining proof of Identity, Address and birth. The Date of Birth proof present the age uniqueness of the individual.

On the centre one photocopy of these document is necessary with the application form to be submit for the Aadhaar Card. The list of supported Proof of Date of Birth Documents containing Name Date of Birth for aadhaar card:

  • Birth Certificate

  • SSLC Book/Certificate

  • Passport

  • Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead.



For detail visit


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