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Inquiry about your Aadhaar Card at nearby Postal Office

Inquiry about your Aadhaar Card at nearby Postal Office

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Haven’t received your Aadhaar card yet?

Recently the unique Identification Authority of India Received loads of application about Aadhaar Card is Generated but many people didn’t get their Aadhaar to their Address, in many cases after  looking deeply into this the Aadhaar Cards are struck at Postal Offices itself. The Aadhaar card are either miss placed or the officials are not able to post the Aadhaar card to respective address due heavy work load. It is not departments fault, they are not able to handle this, as they are getting bulk amount of aadhaar card posts daily to their offices.

Due to applicants for the Unique ID is increasing with the days. It becoming difficult to manage the all the application at the time. So this is causing trouble to the applicant and the managing official of the government.

But Postal Department people are now handover-ing Aadhaar cards for only those who made inquiry about theirs aadhaar card. So the applicants have to go to your areas correspondent postal office and verify about your aadhaar card. If your Aadhaar card is delaying due to this reason you many get your solution there. if they didn’t find yours aadhaar card in their office, then you can also download your Aadhaar card from the eaadhaar card option.

Click here to download your Aadhaar card Online.

To check your aadhaar card status you can follow the simple steps. Click here to check status of your aadhaar card. You will only find your Aadhaar card at the office if your status is showing that your Aadhaar card is generated. A valid and nearby mobile number is mandatory at e-aahaar card download time cause you will get a verification PIN to your mobile and you have to enter that PIN in Computer Screen. A fake mobile number or your mobile number which is not with you will only cause you trouble because all the verification will be done on the mobile number through SMS. The Mobile Number can also be used for enquiry by the official.

10 thoughts on “Inquiry about your Aadhaar Card at nearby Postal Office

  1. i have not recieved my aadhar card nor have i recieved my icard I HAVE APPLIED FOR BOTH .But i have lost their reciepts can u please guide me how to go about so that i am able to get both my cards

  2. This is to inform you that I want Aaadhaar Card, My family members(3) three not yet Aadhaar card now , My address 22A , Dhiren Dhar Sarani , P.S.- Muchipara , P.o.- Bowbazar , Word No.-51 , Kolkata-700012, Mobile No.-9433072445 follows Enrolment No-1040/19714/32639 , 1040/19714/32637 , 1040/19714/32638, dated-17/11/2012 and NRP Receipt No.- 471916000711000510007088001 /
    471916000711000510007088003 So, I request you to kindly arrange my family members Aadhaar Card send immediately.

    Thanking You.

  3. I&MY FEMLI ADAHER CARD [ 1] JASBIR Enrolment no.1178/00109/03929 04/09/2013 18.16.51 [ 2 ]Savita Enrolment No.1178/00110/04379 04/09/2013 18.21.16 [ 3].Sachin Enrolment No.1178/00109/03927 04/09/2013 18.07.33 [ 4 ] Satish Enrolment No.1178/00109/03928 04/09/2013 18.11.26 mirchpur[75],hisar,haryana.125039

  4. my enrollment no- 1028/12152/00440. date-08/01/2013. timing-16:22:36 i have not received my aadhar card. please tell me the reason.my family member(3) also not yet aadhar card.enrollment no.-1028/12159/00482, 1028/12043/106023, 1028/12152/00441. my address- D/O: B. khakha,janta nagar,bokaro thermal,jharkhand-829107. mob.-9905184183

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