What is Aadhaar Card ?

aadhar card logo

Indian government launched an ambitious project with aim to make a step ahead in e-governance and provide every person of the country a unique Identity. It is Helpful to access information about a person rather than carrying multiple documents. Aadhaar card is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India in the form of 12 digit unique number. It is similar concept as social service number (SSM) in America.

This is proof of identity for any individual (age group from infant to adult) by government. Aadhaar is a universal number, and beneficiary’s identity can be confirm from central Unique Identification database by agencies and services from anywhere in the country. It is proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. Savings from eliminating duplicates and fakes through Aadhaar-based identification will further enable governments to expand benefits to other eligible residents. It is lifetime policy.

Aadhaar is a Hindi word which means ‘Foundation’ so it provides you the base of identification or can be said ‘identification standard’. This UID number is random irrespective of any religion, age or gender. So it is best card to identify any ghost or fake card or identity available in the market. Unique ID or Aadhaar gives benefits of documents like Ration cards, Voter ID cards, PAN Card or Driving licence etc for identification. It is voluntary (not compulsory) card which store demographic and biometric information (Finger prints, ratina scan and other government documents) to establish uniqueness of individual.